Abbey Park Pershore play area poll

Wychavon  District Council parks department are due to replace a set of swings in Abbey Park Pershore play area with something brand new and exciting!

We would be delighted if you would provide feedback on which item of exciting play equipment you would like to see installed.

The choices are:

a. The Surf Spinner - Spins around with a see-saw up and down motion

The Surf Spinner

b. Abakus See Saw – Modern seesaw with central pendulum weights

Abakus See Saw

c. Rota-Bounce- Bouncing and rotating action -fast-paced exciting unit

Rota Bounce

d. Rota-Glide- Fast paced spinning action unit

Rota Glide

Vote below!!!

Please vote below on which play item you would like to see at Abbey Park (Pershore)

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