Proposed Amendments to Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Policies

Wychavon District Council is consulting on proposals to amend the Council’s policies on the licensing of hackney carriage and private hire vehicles. 

The first main proposal under consideration is to remove the upper age limit in respect of private hire vehicles that are constructed or adapted to carry a wheelchair user whilst they remain seated in their wheelchair. This proposal in being considered with a view to allowing such vehicles to be licensed for as long as they remain roadworthy and fit for purpose, recognising the costs involved in purchasing and maintaining such a vehicle.

The next main proposal under consideration is to amend both policies to require holders of licences to use an older vehicles (those over 7 years of age) as a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle to produce a recent MOT and present their vehicle for inspection by a licensing officer twice per year rather than just when applying for the licence to be granted or renewed. This proposal is being considered with a view to helping ensure that older vehicles are maintained appropriately and remain roadworthy throughout the licence period in the interests of promoting public safety.

At the same time as consulting on these two main proposals, the Council is also consulting on proposals to make further small amendments to the wording of the policies where they relate to upper age limits for vehicles so that the policies refer to a number of years rather than a number of months. This proposal is being considered with a view to simplifying the policies and making them easier to understand and interpret.

The Council would like to hear your views on the proposals under consideration and the consultation will remain open for responses until 31 January 2017.

Once completed, please return the following consultation survey to:

Wychavon Vehicle Policy Consultation
Worcestershire Regulatory Services
Wyre Forest House
Finepoint Way
DY11 7WF

Alternatively you can return your response by email:

Further Information

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