Wychavon Community Recognition Awards 2018

Many wonderful people were nominated for a community recognition award this year and the top three from each category were invited to an awards evening. We heard many wonderful things about each nominee and how they are happy to give up their own time to help people and make Wychavon a better place to live.. The winners were Helen Russell (Sporting Hero), Katie Bowen (Young Volunteer), Liz Jauncey (Enabling Healthy Lives), Mavis James (Volunteer), Patty White (Lifetime Achievement), Rosie Philpott (Arts), Crowle Community Shop (Community Project) and Droitwich Council Voluntary Service (Communtiy Group).  Below are a few pics of the evening and the winners with their trophy

Wychavon Community Recognition Awards speakerWychavon Community Recognition Awards roomWychavon Community Recognition Awards celebration


      Helen Russell                     Katie Bowen                        Liz Jauncey                    Mavis James

Helen Russell (Sporting Hero)Katie Bowen (Young Volunteer)Liz Jauncey (Enabling Healthy Lives)Mavis James (Volunteer)       

      Patty White                       Rosie Philpott           Crowle Community Shop      Droitwich CVS

Patty White (Lifetime Achievement)Rosie Philpott (Arts)Crowle Community Shop (Community Project)Droitwich Council Voluntary Service (Communtiy Group)

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that nominated someone or was nominated this year. We are so proud of the work a lot of people do in this district by giving up their own time to do so much for others.