Changes to waste and recycling

From 15 October 2018 there are major changes to household bin/sack collections.


What are the changes?

The changes are to rounds and the extension of the materials that can be recycled.

  • 70% of residents will see a change to the day their bins/sacks will be collected.
  • 40% of residents will see a change to the pattern of collection e.g. green week will become black week or vice versa.
  • Brown garden waste bins will now be collected on the same day as your green recycling bin. 


How do you know if you’re affected?

Every household in the district will receive a letter telling them what the change is for their property or if there is no change.

To look up your new collection days click here.


Good news!

You can now recycle more

As part of the changes coming in on 15 October 2018, on your black bin or sack week you can now put out the following items: 

Small electrical items

Such as kettles, toasters, hand blenders, hairdryers and electric toothbrushes can be placed on top of your black bin or next to your sack.

For frequently asked questions on small electrical items click here.



Used batteries can be put on top of your black bin or sack in a small clear bag.

For frequently asked questions on batteries click here.


Used textiles

Textiles such as clothing, bed sheets and towels can be put out next to your black bin or sack in an old carrier bag.

For frequently asked questions on textiles


For details of what can be recycled in your green bin click here.


Why are we changing?

We are changing the rounds because of the number of new housing developments across the district and increased travelling time for our vehicles to the energy from waste plant in Hartlebury.


By making these changes it will help us maximise efficiency by reducing unnecessary journeys, limiting the amount of fuel our vehicles use and their impact on the environment.


We appreciate your patience

While we have made every effort to communicate this change we appreciate that there may be some short term confusion and inconvenience while residents get used to things. We really appreciate your understanding and support at this time of essential change.


If you have had a missed collection please click here to report it.


FCC Environment
Telephone: 01386 565018