Your Recycling Collection Guide

A big thank you…

…for helping us to recycle over 13,600 tonnes last year in Wychavon. That is equivalent to the weight of 21,760 original Mini Cooper cars. This is brilliant!

You can now recycle more!

We are improving your service to make it easier for you to recycle more. You can place all of your items for recycling loose into your green recycling bin.

Our new sorting facility will allow us to recycle lots more materials. You will be able to recycle items such as yogurt pots, all cardboard boxes and juice cartons. This guide tells you all the materials that you can recycle and explains what happens to the recycling once it has been collected.

View or download our A-Z Recycling Guide here >>


Specialised recycling bins for coffee pods and water filters

New recycling points for coffee pods and water filters at the following:


Recycle Bin and Rubbish

Here's how…

You sort…

  • Place all items for recycling loose in your green recycling bin
  • Items for recycling should be rinsed out
  • Do not squash bottles or tins
  • Keep paper and card flat



Recycle Options

For more information contact:

Telephone 01386 565018 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday)

For you convenience you can download the recycling guide here.

View or download our A-Z of what you can Recycle here >>

or go to the Recycle Now National website

Recycle Now (National Website)