The first was National Referendums in 1975 for the European Communities membership to gauge support for continued membership. The second was in 2011 for the Alternative Vote, to change the voting from the 'first past the post' system.

A referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union took place on Thursday 23 June 2016.


UK-wide, national and regional referendums

The Political Parties, Elections and Referendum Act 2000 (PPERA) establishes a fixed legal framework for the conduct of any referendum held across the UK, or a referendum held in Scotland, Wales, England or Northern Ireland.


Neighbourhood Planning Referendums

Neighbourhood planning was introduced under the Localism Act to give members of the community a more ‘hands on’ role in the planning of their neighbourhoods. It enables communities to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and deliver the sustainable development they need through planning policies relating to the development and use of land.

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What is a petition for a change to a different form of governance?

The council can be petitioned to hold a referendum on whether our district should change to a different form of governance.

The Local Government Act 2000 requires the Council to publish a notice which sets out the minimum number of signatures which would be needed to support a valid petition requiring the council to hold a referendum on whether the district should change to a different form of governance.

Minimum number of signatures to support a valid petition

The minimum number, equal to 5 per cent of the local government electors for the county of Worcestershire shown in the revised registers published at 15 February, is 4871.

This is the minimum number of signatures needed to support any petitions to the council submitted between 31 March and before 1 April.

The above number will be used for verification purposes in relation to any petition submitted to the district council before 1 April 2017. 

A new number will be published in February 2018 and if the number is less than 4862 then the new number will apply from the date published.