Planning Advice (Do I need planning permission?)

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Planning rules are complicated but there are tools we can recommend to help you work out if you do need to apply for it.  They do not, however, give you a definitive source of legal information.

In addition, in relation to householders there is a host of information on your responsibilities as a householder on the Planning Portal.  The Planning Portal is a Government's online service for planning.

Planning permission and Building Regulations approval are two separate things.

Do I need planning permission?

Some extensions and alterations to your home can be carried out without requiring planning permission; this is known as permitted development.  What is permitted development?


Interactive guide

Interactive guides on the Planning Portal help you explore how to progress "common householder projects".

Other common household projects

There are a host of interactive guides to planning rules relating to common projects and the planning laws of England that relate to them.  These include those listed below:

You can also read our windows advisory leaflet if you are installing windows in a Listed Building or you live in a conservation area

Alternatively, if you are still uncertain as to whether you need planning permission, we do offer a "Do I need planning permission" service where we can provide you with a written response.  The fee for this service is £46.20. Please provide associated information to accompany the form to support your enquiry to either or Planning Services, Civic Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Pershore, Worcs WR10 1PT. Tele: 01386 565565.  For telephone payments, please call 01386 565565.

The forms to complete are listed below:

"Do I need planning permission" assessment forms below:

The purpose of these forms is to seek enough information to assess whether a formal planning application is required:

Assessment Form 1
Extensions and alterations to dwelling

If your property is a Listed Building you will require Listed Building Consent for any extensions or alterations, regardless of whether planning is required.

Planning permission is required for the cladding of any part of the exterior of a dwelling if the property is situated within a Conservation Area.

Assessment Form 2
Roof alterations to a dwelling

If your property is a Listed Building you will require Listed Building Consent for any roof alterations, regardless of whether planning permission is required.

Assessment Form 3 
Detached buildings within the curtilage of a dwelling (including pools, enclosures and fuel containers)

Listed Building Consent is not required for any outbuildings provided that they are not physically attached to a property or structure which has listed or curtilage listed status.

Assessment Form 4
Erection or construction of a porch outside any external door of a dwelling

If your property is a Listed Building you will require Listed Building Consent for the erection of a porch, regardless of whether planning permission is required.

Assessment Form 5
Provision of or replacement of hard surfacing within the curtilage of a dwelling

You can use the Self Assessment form to check whether planning permission is required if you propose to create or replace an area of hard surfacing at your property.

Assessment Form 6
Solar Panels & Standalone Panels

Solar panels on roofs and free standing solar panels.

Assessment Form 7
"Do I need planning permission Form"

If your enquiry is not covered by any of the assessment forms above, please complete this one instead.

The fee of £46.20 Householder or £54 Other (non-householder must be received with your enquiry before your request can be dealt with.


Dropped kerbs and crossovers

Planning will be required if the proposed access sits on a classified road. To find out click on the Worcestershire County Council (Classified and Unclassified roads) website and click on "Download now" open to find the road.

Even if planning permission is required or not, to create a new or extend a dropped kerb or pavement/verge crossing you will still need to contact Ringway Infrastructure Services for the works to be done.  Please click on the link for the procedure: Dropped Crossing Information Pack

Please note:  Irrespective of whether you require planning permission for a dropped kerb, consent will always be required from Ringway Infrastructure Services, Highways House, Warndon Depot, Pershore Lane, Warndon, Worcestershire.  WR4 0AA  Email:  Tele:  01905 751651.   For a drop kerb or pavement/verge crossing, an application will need to be made to Ringway Infrastructure Services to construct the vehicle access.

Pre-application advice ?

What is pre-application advice, how much is it, where does it apply ?

Pre-application advice is when you know you require planning permission and a planning officer can provide you with written advice on the proposed household development. The guidance note explains how beneficial the service is to you and it us.

This online form requires a payment to be made on submission. If you do not wish to make a payment online for this service then please download and print off the relevant form below:-

(the fee is exempt if the development is for the direct benefit of a disabled person (new dwellings excluded) and as such there would be no fee incurred to make a planning application).

If your property is listed you may like some advice from our conservation officers on our Heritage Team too.

Further Information

Please note, pre-application advice and do I need planning permission enquiries are a chargeable service. Advice can not be given over the telephone.  Please complete and submit the above online pre application enquiry form. 

If you would like more information about a planning application contact:

Planning Services
Wychavon District Council
Civic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
WR10 1PT
Telephone: 01386 565565 - between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Other links:

RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) Planning Consultants Online
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Planning Aid
Independent and professional advice is available to individuals and community groups who cannot afford to hire a planning consultant from Planning Aid on 0330 123 9244. Email: