We do not have a statutory duty to provide sandbags. However, in the event of heavy rainfall with a possibility of imminent flooding we will provide the following assistance to householders:

Householders may collect up to 6 full sandbags and 10 empty sandbags from:-

Please note there is limited stock available. Please only take what you need.

Pensioners and Disabled Householders

Filled sandbags will be delivered to pensioners and disabled householders where there is an imminent risk of flooding. Please call Client Services on 01386 565018 if you require assistance.

Be Prepared

If you are not currently at risk of imminent flooding but wish to prepare for a possible future event, empty sandbags can be collected from either Evesham or Pershore Contact Centres and then filled with sand purchased from a local builders merchant. 

For more information contact:

Client Services
Wychavon District Council
Telephone: 01386 565018 - 9am-5pm,  Monday to Friday