Skateparks In Wychavon


Wychavon has 4 skateparks, Droitwich, Evesham, Pershore and Broadway. Each park is unique and boasts a range of different jumps and ramps that appeal to both beginners and more advanced skaters.


Droitwich Skatepark

Droitwich Skatepark was opened in August 2003. It can be found on the King Georges playing fields, behind the Leisure Centre.

The park contains:


  • A Quarter Pipe
  • Flat Bank
  • Grind Box
  • Free Standing Rail This skatepark is also floodlit.




Evesham Skatepark


Evesham Skatepark was opened in July 2004 behind Evesham Rowing Club in the Abbey Park. It contains;

  • Half Pipe
  • Two Quarter Pipes
  • A Jump Box
  • A Flat Ramp
  • Grind Box
  • Grind Rail


Pershore Skatepark


Pershore Skatepark is the newest in the area. It was built in Summer 2006 and opened in July. It is situated in the Abbey Park, Pershore near to the water park and boasts;


  • Two Half pipes
  • Two Quarter Pipes
  • A Jump Box
  • Grind Box
  • 25 degree Flat Ramp


Further Information


If you would like any more information about the Skateparks in Wychavon please call the Community Development Team;


Jem Teal

Community Development Manager Tel - 01386 565235

Email -

Office hours 9-5pm Mon - Fri