Intelligently Green Awards

Our sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors for their generous support in making the 2018 Intelligently Green Awards possible and their contribution to a greener Wychavon.

Rooftop Housing Group

Rooftop Housing Group is our headline sponsor. For Rooftop, sustainability is one of our foundation stones, not just because of the need to make sure we have a planet to leave our grandchildren, but because of peoples lives right now. By being energy efficient, by supporting local businesses, by pooling knowledge, we help people lead successful lives. National and international change has to start with local change, and the Intelligently Green Awards are part of that change.


Severn Waste Services are sponsoring the awards ceremony and the community group category.

HERU is sponsoring the individual and household category.
Walsh Mushrooms University of Worcester

Walsh Mushrooms are sponsoring the business and public sector category because we believe in sustainable food production for our future and as a key driver for our customer.

The awards we have won including the Wychavon Intelligently Green Award in 2016 and the coveted Suffolk Carbon Gold award in 2013 recognise our investment in long term sustainable crop production.

We want other businesses to know that commitment to sustainability and running a business profitably are not mutually exclusive.  We are here to share our own real experiences and promote the benefits of being Intelligently Green to new and existing businesses.   

University of Worcester is the second greenest university in the UK and is committed to promoting the principles of sustainability and through our activities strengthen sustainable communities, services and businesses.  We are proud to sponsor the school/college and youth group category of the Intelligently Green Awards. 


Our partner

Transition Evesham Vale

We are grateful to Transition Evesham Vale for helping us organise and promote the Intelligently Green Awards.