St. Peters Fields, Droitwich Spa

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Dr Shirley Jones, who was once the town's General Practitioner, had a vision to protect the town's remaining areas of open land so they could be used by the people of the town for recreation and also benefit wildlife.

The land, formerly used for agriculture, was known as St Peters Fields and was transferred to the town in 1951 for ten shillings.

These Fields are linked to Lido park, you can walk straight from one to the other and are managed to be natural in appearance with undulating slopes, longer grass areas and plantations of trees with the stream running into Bishops pool.

This open space was awarded Green Flag status (in combination with Lido Park) for the first time in 2011/12, and each and every year since.

Opening Every day of the year.
Parking Car park at the top end of the fields off St Peters Church Lane.

At Lido park. For more information see our Public Toilets page.

Facilities Natural landscaped area, mown grass walks. Arboretum conifers and deciduous trees. Boardwalk through Willow Carr. Views from the slopes. Cricket club and pitch (private).
Dog Waste Poop scoop bins provided. Please collect up after your dog.
Area Approx.13 hectares

St Peters Board Walk - Droitwich Spa

St Peters Play Equipment  Willow Carr

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