Reports of Abandoned Vehicles

These will be investigated within 24 hours.  Vehicles will be removed within 24 hours of the expiry of the relevant notice.

Dead Animals on the Highway

We aim to remove dead animals such as cats, dogs, foxes and badgers within one hour of receiving notification.

Dog Fouling

We will respond to reports of dog fouling on pavements within 24 hours.

Fly Tipping

Reported fly tipping will normally be cleared within 24 hours.  We will investigate all incidents of fly tipping and prosecute offenders where sufficient evidence is available.

Graffiti and Fly Posting Removal

We aim to maintain a graffiti/fly posting free environment.  Graffiti and fly posting will normally be removed within five working days, offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours.

Litter Bins

Litter bins are emptied daily or weekly depending upon location and we aim to empty overflowing litter bins within two hours.

Poop Scoop Bins

Bins are emptied twice a week.  Any reported to be overflowing will normally be emptied the same day or within 24 hours.


They will be removed from public places within one hour of receiving a report.


On verges for which we are responsible, grass is cut every two weeks between March and October, the clippings are not removed.  Cutting does not take place in very wet or dry conditions.


Further Information

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