We empty over 850 litter and dog bins and have responsibility for the scheduled cleansing of specified public highways in excess of 2,000 miles. This includes all carriageways, pavements and verges within the town centres of Evesham, Droitwich, Pershore and Broadway, together with all other roads within their surrounding built-up areas.

Town centres are cleansed twice daily and all litter bins emptied at the same time. Other areas are cleansed either weekly or fortnightly. In addition all villages, trunk roads, and A & B class roads are cleansed to a schedule ranging from fortnightly, up to every three months.

Reporting a problem

Report a street care and cleaning problem (opens in new window)

*For reporting litter, please use the separate report form on the Littering page.

Use the 'Other Request' option when reporting a problem using the online tool, alternatively you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Action will be taken to ensure that it is restored to a good standard within the specified response times applicable to that area.

Maintenance and repair of public highways (including carriageway, pavements and highway verges) within the district of Wychavon lies with Worcestershire County Council Highways Department.  

This also includes any deposits onto the highway, such as oil, mud, sand and gravel from whatever source, that is likely to cause a hazard to road users.  If you wish to report such hazards please access the County Council's Highways Maintenance web page.


Report an abandoned vehicle

When we receive your report of an abandoned vehicle, an investigation will be carried out within 24 hours. If we find that a vehicle has been abandoned, we will remove it within 24 hours of the expiry of the relevant notice.

Report an abandoned vehicle (opens in new window)

Dead animals on the highway

We aim to remove dead animals such as cats, dogs, foxes and badgers within one hour of receiving notification.

Report a dead animal (opens in new window)

Dog fouling

It is an offence for a person to not clear up after their dog. Report dog fouling to us and we will respond within 24 hours.

Fly tipping

Reported fly tipping will normally be cleared within 24 hours.  We will investigate all incidents of fly tipping and prosecute offenders where sufficient evidence is available.

Report fly tipping (opens in new window)

Graffiti and fly posting removal

We aim to maintain a graffiti and fly posting free environment. Once you report graffiti and fly posting, will normally be removed within five working days, and offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours.

Litter bins

Litter bins are emptied daily or weekly depending upon location and we aim to empty overflowing litter bins within two hours. However if you spot a littering offence then report it to our team, by using the Littering page. 

Poop scoop bins

Bins are emptied twice a week. Any reported to be overflowing will normally be emptied the same day or within 24 hours.

Discarded syringes and needles

Syringes and needles will be removed from public places within one hour of receiving a report.

Report needles and syringes (opens in new window)


On verges for which we are responsible, grass is cut every two weeks between March and October, the clippings are not removed. Cutting does not take place in very wet or dry conditions.


Further information

For more information about street cleaning contact:

Wychavon District Council
Telephone: 01386 565018 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.