Substance Abuse


SPACE is a confidential service for young people aged 18 years and under, living in Worcestershire, who use substances, including drugs, alcohol, solvents, glues or gases. SPACE provides information, advice and support to young people who are using substances. The service also provides information and advice for professionals, parents and carers.

What to expect?

SPACE is designed to work with young people in the most appropriate way for their needs, ranging from informal brief interventions to structured treatment. We aim to minimise the barriers to young people engaging with the service and only work with young people with their full, informed consent.

If a young person is not sure whether this service is right for them, a worker may be able to meet them informally to chat through their concerns.

How to refer

Referrals are accepted from young people themselves, or from professionals, family members/carers or a concerned other. Referrals should only be made with the full consent and agreement of the young person.

To make a referral, call freephone: 0800 169 60 64

You may be asked to leave a message and your contact details outside office hours or if the line is busy.

The SPACE service is part of the wider county drug and alcohol integrated treatment system known as Pathways to Recovery, which provides support for adults, young people and families with substance misuse problems.

Other service provided by Pathways:

Pressure Point: 0800 652 96 64

Being related to, or living with, someone who use substances can be extremely distressing and painful. Pressure Point is for family members and friends who need help and support to cope with someone else's substance use.

Inside Out Tel: 0800 652 96 64

The children and young people of problem drug users have largely remained hidden from view. The harm done to them is also usually unseen. Inside out provides comprehensive support for children and young people up to 19 years of age affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use - whether the young person is worried about parent/carer, brother/sister, friend or relative.