Council Tax Valuation and Banding

Most dwellings are subject to the Council Tax. There will be one bill per dwelling, whether it is a house, bungalow, flat, maisonette, mobile home or houseboat, and whether it is owned or rented.

Each dwelling has been placed in one of eight bands according to its open market capital value at 1 April 1991 and this is based on certain assumptions:

  • vacant possession
  • a freehold interest or;
  • if a flat, a 99 year leasehold at a nominal rental and
  • the property being in a reasonable state of repair.

The bands are as follows:

Band Minimum Maximum
A Up to £40,000  
B £40,001                   to £52,000
C £52,001                   to £68,000
D £68,001                   to £88,000
E £88,001                   to £120,000
F £120,001                 to £160,000
G £160,001                 to £320,000
H £320,001 and above  

Your Council Tax bill states which band applies to your dwelling.

Information on the charges for each parish and band can be found on our Council Tax Charges page.

Please note: This value has been assessed by the Inland Revenue NOT the District Council. The Valuation List can be inspected at Government Buildings, Whittington Road, Worcester, by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website or at our Community Contact Pershore, Evesham & Droitwich.

You may be able to appeal against this valuation - see Appeals.