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Do I need to squash bottles, cans and cartons and scrunch up my paper?

Please do not squash your plastic bottles, cans and cartons or scrunch up your paper. The machinery at EnviroSort works best if these materials are in their original state. The main separator in EnviroSort works by separating flat things e.g. paper and card, from 3D things like cans and bottles. That's why we ask you not to squash bottles, cans and cartons or scrunch up paper.

Can I put shredded paper into my recycling bin?

It is difficult to recycle shredded paper, we suggest you keep shredding to a minimum and put any shredded paper inside an old envelope and into your recycling collection. Alternatively, a much better way of recycling your shredded paper is to put it in your home composting bin along with your fruit and vegetable peelings. It makes excellent compost!

Why can't I put textiles into my recycling collection?

As your recyclables are now collected mixed together in one bin / sack we can no longer collect textiles for recycling because they will get spoilt. You can donate textiles to charity shops for re-use and there are also recycling sites throughout your area where you can take unwanted textiles.

Where can I recycle other larger items?

You can recycle specific items such as furniture, batteries and electrical items by taking them to household waste sites. Check here for information on household waste sites and how to apply for free permits for a trailer or commercial type vehicle.

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