You can recycle

Please remember

Food tins and drink cans
  • food tins
  • drink cans
  • aerosol cans
  • sweet/ biscuit tins
  • metal jar lids


  • rinse tins and cans
  • push sharp lids inside tins

Tip - labels can be left on.
Tip - no need to squash.


Mixed glass
and jars

  • glass bottles
  • glass jars
  • rinse bottles and jars
  • no corks or caps

Tip - labels can be left on.
Tip - all colours accepted.


Plastic bottles
and containers

All plastic bottles e.g.

  • drinks bottles
  • milk/ juice bottles
  • detergent/ fabric conditioner bottles
  • cleaning/ bleach bottles
  • toiletry bottles

Plastic containers e.g.

  • yoghurt pots
  • margarine/ ice cream tubs
  • fruit/ vegatable punnets
  • plastic meat/ fish trays
  • cream/ custard pots
  • cake/ pastry trays


  • rinse bottles and containers
  • no black plastic
  • no tops, lids, pumps, film, foil etc

Tip - labels can be left on.
Tip - no need to squash.

  • newspapers/ magazines
  • phone directories
  • catalogues/ brochures
  • junk mail/ leaflets
  • letters
  • greetings cards
  • envelopes


  • keep paper flat
  • remove plastic wrappers

Tip - you can compost your shredded paper at home


All cartons e.g.

  • milk/ juice/ smoothie cartoons
  • fabric conditioner cartons
  • soup/ chopped tomatoes cartons
  • custard cartons


  • rinse cartons

Tip - no need to squash.
Tip - plastic spouts can be left on.

  • thin cardboard boxes e.g. cereal boxes, ready meal boxes
  • corrugated/ thick cardboard boxes
  • egg boxes
  • kitchen/ toilet roll tubes


  • flatten cardboard boxes and tubes
  • remove inner packaging

You cannot recycle textiles in your recycling collection but there are re-use organisations, charity shops and recycling sites where you can donate textiles to re-use and recycling.

pdf Recycling hints, do's and dont's poster (5.40 MB)

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