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Waste and Recycling

Textiles frequently asked questions

What textiles can I put out?

All clothes such as trousers, skirts, jumper, t-shirts, shirts and along with other textiles such as bed sheets and towels can be out for recycling.  Please donate good quality items to local charity shops rather than putting them out for recycling. Stuffed items such as pillows, duvets and quilts cannot be accepted in this scheme. Dirty, oily and wet items are also not suitable for recycling.

How should I put my textiles out?

Textiles should be placed in a tied standard sized supermarket carrier bag and placed next to you black bin. Textiles need to remain dry, therefore in wet weather we would ask residents not to put out their textiles and wait for their next collection.

Can I put more than one carrier bag out for collection?

Space is very limited on the collection trucks therefore it is preferable that a small amount of textiles is put out for collection. Where multiple bags are presented for collection it will be at the discretion of the collector and the space available on the truck as to whether they will be all collected.

Why can't these unwanted items be put into the green bin if they all go for recycling?

Textiles which are placed in the green bin get entangled with other items which makes it very difficult for the other contents in the bin such as cans, cardboard, paper, plastic and glass to be sorted by the conveyor belts at the MRF (Materials Recycling Facility). It also means the textiles become damaged and dirty and cannot then be recycled.

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