The Big Tidy Up 

Litter picks are a great way to encourage communities to come together.

If you want to arrange a litter pick we can lend you litter picking kits comprising of litter pickers, gloves, high visibility vests and a roll of sacks. We will also collect the waste once you have finished.

What you need to do:

Good places to clean

  • Routes to schools or school grounds, public parks/playgrounds run by the parish or town council, public footpaths and bridleways, bus stops, nature reserves; anywhere that people gather.

Stay safe

  • Choose an area where it is safe for members of the public to work.
  • Visit the area and assess risks beforehand.
  • Agree a place and time to gather and to start.
  • Make sure people sign the disclaimer form and that they wear the high visibility vests and gloves.
  • Take a first aid kit and anti-bacterial hand wipes.

We are very grateful for the support of all the Parish Councils who undertake litter picks and look forward to working with you to keep the district clean.