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For many, Christmas dinner is the biggest food event of the year, but that doesn't have to mean mountains of food waste. Get savvy by working out the amount of turkey, potatoes and vegetables you’ll need to feed yourself, or family and friends. Think about any leftovers you'd like to enjoy later so you can measure these out accordingly. Dust off your scales, let’s get measuring.


An average portion of cooked turkey per person should be 140-175 grams, but as you tend to buy turkey as a whole it’s easiest to use the turkey guide below.

  • turkey crown (2-2.5 kilograms) will feed 6 people
  • small turkey (3-4.5 kilograms) will feed 6-8 people
  • medium turkey (4-5 kilograms) will feed 8-10 people
  • large (5-5.5 kilograms) will feed 10-12 people
  • extra-large (6-6.5 kilograms) will feed 12 -15 people

You can also use the Love Food Hate Waste portion planner to help you.

Roast potatoes 

The ultimate crispy, fluffy, tasty potato, no Christmas dinner would be complete without roast potatoes. 
Make 250 grams per person, you’ll need 2 kilograms for 8 people. 


Feeling stuffed? If you’re buying stuffing, we recommend at least 100 grams per person or 2-3 balls, so to feed 8 people you’ll need around 800 grams.

Don’t want to be left with sprouts?

Sprouts are like Marmite, cook more if you love them, don’t cook any if you hate them.
We recommend cooking 80 grams per person, 650 grams for 8 people.


Not just for Reindeers, 80 grams per person is a good serving, you’ll need roughly 800 grams for 8 people.

Pigs in blankets

The ultimate Christmas delight, we recommend 2-3 per person, so don’t leave any pigs without blankets this festive season.  

It’s all gravy…

With gravy, make a minimum of 125 millilitres per person, that’s 1 litre for 8 people. But, if you or your family are all about the gravy then prepare a little more.  

All the weights are given prior to preparation and cooking, if you have guests coming, simply multiply by the number of guests. If you’ve got big eaters or want leftovers, then go for the higher of the 2 amounts for meat and roast potatoes.