Wychmove, our social lettings agency service



We provide a service that enables us to assist people that are in need of housing and would like help to find a suitable private rented accommodation.


The demand for housing within the Wychavon district is high and not everyone who is seeking accommodation is able to be offered social housing due to the number of properties becoming available. 

Accessing privately rented accommodation can be very difficult. The expensive letting agent fees, referencing criteria and upfront deposits can exclude many people. Current market rents are high and not affordable for people on lower incomes to be able to sustain a tenancy and may often be reliant on housing benefit, which could also be a barrier.

Officers within the housing team have built up good working relationships with local private landlords and agents, by working hard to overcome some of the barriers for customers whilst still meeting the needs of landlords. We have built up trust and formed positive arrangements to ensure the needs of all the parties are respected and met.

Landlords - we offer the following:

  • Tenant match service at no charge
  • Assisted letting service is chargeable but includes help with not only matching a tenant to your property and carrying out assisted viewings but ensuring the property is of the right standard. We check that the right processes and paperwork are in place, such as the tenancy agreement, inventory and schedules with photographs. We make sure that any application for housing benefit is fast-tracked and monitored. An exit inspection is also offered, for when a tenancy ends.
  • Managed service is chargeable and includes all of the above along with the day to day management of the tenancy, which involves dealing with any problems which may arise and acting as an intermediary between the landlord and tenant. Quarterly inspections are carried out and feedback is provided to the landlord. This service is proving very popular with landlords who are moving away from the traditional letting agent.

Tenants - we provide the following

  • We provide a free service to prospective tenants that involves council officers working with you to find suitable and affordable privately-rented home options.
  • We will provide assisted viewing where this is required and to advocate on your behalf with the landlord. If you struggle to find the deposit, an application can be made to the rent deposit scheme (operated by the council), which would issue you with an interest-free loan or grant.

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