Supplementary Planning Guidance and Documents

South Worcestershire Developer Contributions SPD 2016

The South Worcestershire Councils adopted the South Worcestershire Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document on the 20th October 2016.

The Developer Contributions SPD sets out the South Worcestershire Councils' approach to seeking developer contributions via the SWDP for infrastructure ot encironmental improvements requires as a result of development. The SPD provides guidance about when planning obligations will be expected, the scale of developer contributions, and how developer contributions will be used.

The Developer Contributions SPD can be viewed here.
The Developer Contributions SPD Consultation Statement can be viewed here.
The Developer Contributions SPD Adoption Statement can be viewed here.


Please note, the below SPGs and SPDs are now defunct as they each relied upon on a policy of the now extinct Wychavon District Local Plan. They are therefore no longer material considerations in the determination of planning applications, however they can still be used as a source of information until they are updated in line with the SWDP. For more information on consultation on emerging DPDs and SPDs, please see the SWDP consultations webpage.

Draft Supplementary Documents