Wychavon is located in the West Midlands region. The district covers 664km2 of the south and eastern part of the county of Worcestershire and is the largest of the six Worcestershire districts.

With a population of 116,900, the area is made up of the three towns of Droitwich Spa, Evesham and Pershore, and nearly 100 villages and hamlets.
Our headquarters are at the Pershore Civic Centre, where most of our 235 staff are based. We also have Community Contact Centres in Droitwich and Evesham where residents can access district services.

We're an entrepreneurial council that has gained recognition for major projects like building Pershore hospital and a Waitrose store, regenerating and reopening the Droitwich Canals and supporting events like the British Asparagus Festival and Pershore Plum Festival.

Our strategy

pdf Our strategy (3.50 MB) gives us a clear direction and focus. Our priorities are underpinned by specific goals, success measures and our annual promises to make the area an even better place to live and work.  Our strong council improvement plan is more inward looking.  It sets out the things we need to do to maintain a healthy organisation, such as improving customer service and staff engagement.

Our purpose

To be a progressive council delivering great value services and helping to create a strong economy, environment and community.

Covid-19 secure workplace

Wychavon is a Covid-19 secure workplace. Please read the documents below for more information.