Wychavon shares a Chief Executive/Managing Director and a joint senior management team with Malvern Hills District Council. Whilst each council retains its own political structures and distinct identities, the joint management structure allows us to maximise the opportunity to deliver a wide range of good value services to our customers and communities, and operate and develop shared services and partnership arrangements with each other and with other councils.

Joint Chief Executive Vic Allison - Chief Executive

Vic Allison

Head of the Council's paid service and principal policy advisor to the Council. Leading and directing the workforce (circa 220 full-time equivalent posts and a net budget of £11m) to achieve the council's aims, priorities and promises. Representing the council as appropriate at a national, regional and local level. Also is Chief Executive of Malvern Hills District Council.

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Deputy Chief Executive and S151 officerJayne Pickering - Deputy Chief Executive

Jayne Pickering

Responsible for the Councils overall resource management and giving strategic advice and support in the following areas; Information Technology, finance, human resources, democratic services including elections, policy and strategy, communications and property services including car parking services. Jayne is the Councils Section 151 officer to provide assurance on the financial activities of the Council.

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Director of Planning & Infrastructure Holly Jones Director of Planning and Infrastructure

Holly Jones

Responsible for planning and infrastructure services, including: Planning Policy, the Local Development Framework and Parish Plans.
Development management - planning applications, appeals and planning enforcement.
Heritage - conservation and enhancement of the built and natural environments, landscaping tree preservation orders and biodiversity.
Corporate Database - Land and Property Gazetteer, Land Charges, Street Naming and Numbering, geographical information systems and Building Control. Holly is also responsible for land drainage enforcement, flood alleviation and engineering

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Director of Economy & Environment 

Currently vacant

Responsible for many of the essential services, such as refuse, recycling, and public toilets. As well as other services which add significantly to the quality of life such as parks, economic development, tourism, rural and town regeneration, environment protection and emergency planning.

Director of Housing & Communities 

Currently vacant

Responsible for the council’s strategic housing service which includes: Affordable Housing Provision, Private Sector Housing, Homelessness and Housing Services.  He is also responsible for Community Safety, Community Development and Partnership working, Health Improvement, Arts, Sport and Culture.


Director of Legal and Governance
Meesha Patel - Legal Services Manager

Meesha Patel 

As a solicitor to the Council, Meesha's responsibilities include; managing the Council’s Joint legal team and providing professional legal services to all Council teams. Meesha is Monitoring Officer which is the Statutory Officer with regards to member conduct and governance issues and the Councils Data Protection Officer. 

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