We report on our performance four times a year through our Signals of Success reports. These reports summarise our progress against the annual promises in our pdf four-year strategy (3.47 MB) , our key success measures and the actions in other corporate action plans.  The reports also highlight other achievements and challenges. We also use service based measures to help us manage the effectiveness and efficiency of our services.

Signals of success performance reports

Quarter one (April – June)

Quarter two (July – September)

Quarter three (October – December)

Quarter four/end of year (January – March)

Corporate Peer Challenge 2018

In March 2018 we welcomed nine visitors from the Local Government Association and from other councils across the country as we took part in a Corporate Peer Challenge for both Wychavon and Malvern Hills councils. 

This was a critical but friendly look at both organisations to understand how we are performing and to receive independent recommendations on areas for consideration or improvement. During the visit the team spoke to around 150 people including managers, staff, councillors, businesses and external stakeholders. They gathered information and views from around 50+ meetings along with additional research and reading. 

You can read our pdf feedback report (209 KB) from the peer team.  It contains ten recommendations for both councils and two specific to Wychavon. We are currently developing an action plan in response to the feedback.

You can read the position statement we prepared for our peer team prior to their visit.  This outlines the context for our councils, key drivers, issues and challenges.

Financial publications

Visit our Finance and procurement page, for the 2018 - 2019 Statement of Accounts and any other financial publications.

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