Wychavon has a single overarching Overview and Scrutiny Committee that examines all areas of the Council's business.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee has a number of roles within the Council. These include:

  • Holding the Executive Board to account by thoroughly scrutinising their decisions to ensure that the Council continues to provide the best services possible for Wychavon residents.

    As part of this role, the Committee has the power to ‘call-in' decisions made by the Executive Board and request that they consider them again, taking into account the issues raised by the Committee. Alternatively, the Committee can ask full Council to review or scrutinise the decision or ask full Council to decide whether or not to recommend the decision be reconsidered.
  • Acting as a ‘critical friend' to the Executive Board by reviewing Council policies and strategy, making recommendations where appropriate.
  • Overviews of work areas or topics of interest to the Committee and Members of the Council
    Receiving overviews enables the Committee and Members of the Council to obtain a greater level of understanding of items being considered by the Executive or areas of concern they may have.
  • Efficiency and Performance monitoring, to ensure the Council services are sustainable and to the highest possible standard.
  • Commissioning reviews of services/topics that impact on the Council or on the lives of Wychavon Residents.
  • Pre-Scrutiny of items prior to their consideration by the Executive Board.
    This enables the Committee's views and comments to be taken into consideration during the decision-making process, allowing the Committee to influence the work and direction of the Council.

The Committee meets two weeks after the Executive Board on Wednesday evenings. Meetings are usually held at the Civic Centre in Pershore, but the Committee has in the past and always remains open to taking its meetings out to the public when discussing issues, which have a high level of public interest.

pdf Read Committee's Terms of Reference (opens in new window) (12 KB)

If you have any suggested areas that you would like the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to investigate please fill in the scrutiny topic suggestion form.  document Download Scrutiny Topic Suggestion Form (opens in new window) (60 KB)

Scrutiny Library

The Wychavon Scrutiny Library contains a variety of information from detailed scrutiny reports, to meetings dates, agendas and minutes. The Committee's current and previous work programmes are also available.

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