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A Guide To Local Land Charges

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A Guide To Local Land Charges

Local Land Charges were the creation of the Land Charges Act 1975 and were set up to make new purchasers aware of any enforceable obligations that were binding on successive owners.  The principle is still the same today, although changes have taken place with regard to Statutes, Rules and Acts which govern the Register.

A Local Land Charge Search forms an important part of the Conveyancing Process your Solicitor carries out when you purchase a property. Your Solicitor will guide you through the process, one element of which is the Local Land Charge Search.

A standard search comprises of a LLC1 and CON29 which comes with the assurance and insurance that all responses have been investigated and authenticated by the Local Authority and signed by the Proper Officer

LLC 1 Form

This is asking how many entries there are in the Register.

 The Register is split into twelve parts as follows:

  • Parts I and II - Financial
  • Part III - Planning
  • Part IV - Miscellaneous
  • Part V - Fenland
  • Part VI - Land Compensation
  • Part VII - New Towns
  • Part VIII - Civil Aviation
  • Part IX - Opencast Coal
  • Part X - Listed Buildings
  • Part XI - Light Obstruction Notices
  • Part XII - Drainage Schemes

CON 29 Form

These relate to information or new proposals known, relating to the property, for example on road schemes, proposed enforcement action, planning history, etc..

The LLC1 and the CON 29  together form the basic Standard Local Land Charge Search

CON 29O Form

Contains additional questions which requires an additional fee.   You will need to familiarise yourself with these and ensure you discuss this with your Solicitor, which, if any you need to ask.  They include footpaths, highways and informal notice questions to name a few.  CON29O enquiries incur a separate fee for each question asked.

Additional Enquiries

If you wish to ask any additional enquiries, it is advisable for your Solicitor to check before submitting the search, to see if we are able to provide a reply.  These questions also require an additional fee.

For further information contact:

By Post      Local Land Charges
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                  Queen Elizabeth Drive
                  WR10 1PT

By DX       DX - 25934 - Pershore 

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