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Guide to participant speaking at Planning Committee

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Guide to participant speaking at Planning Committee

The council is committed to public involvement in the planning process. Members of the public have an opportunity to put their views on a development proposal direct to the Planning Committee when planning applications are being considered.

The purpose of the scheme is to give you an opportunity to make your views known in person to the committee. Letters of support or objection will also continue to be taken into account.


Can I speak on all planning applications?

Only on those applications which are due to be determined by the Planning Committee. The committee generally deals with major, complex and the more controversial planning matters only. The vast majority of the remainder are determined by officers under ‘delegated powers’.

When and where does the Planning Committee meet?

The meetings are held in the Council Chamber in the Civic Centre at Pershore. The committee meets on a Thursday. The meetings start at 2pm.

Who can speak at the meeting?

Applicants, agents, supporters and objectors can speak, together with the chairman or clerk, or their nominated representative, of the parish or town council.

When will I find out the date of the meeting?

All those with a right to speak will be informed of a meeting date a few days in advance. Anyone making a late representation may forego the opportunity to speak.

How do I arrange to speak at the meeting?

Those wishing to speak must contact the Committee Services section by email or telephone, by no later than 12 noon on the Monday before the Thursday of the Planning Committee meeting. Notice must be given to: 

Please contact: Tel 01386 565420/565490 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where more than one person wishes to speak, either in favour of or against a proposal, you are advised

to nominate a spokesperson. In the event that more than one person comes forward to speak, speakers contact details will be shared, with your permission, to allow you to collectively agree how best to make use of the 3 minutes available.

A maximum of 3 minutes is available for supporters, and 3 minutes for objectors, whether there is one or a number of speakers.

A list of those wishing to speak will be available on the website the day before the meeting and will be displayed in the Council Chamber 30 minutes before the start of the meeting. 

A copy of the committee agenda will be available in advance on our planning agenda webpage.

Who is on the Planning Committee and who else will be there?

The committee is made up of elected councillors. Some council staff attend to advise the committee and other councillors may be present to speak on planning applications or enforcement  matters within their ward. Any member of the public or applicant may attend to listen to the debate and the media is usually present.

What can I say?

During your 3 minutes comments must be on planning issues. These can include: highway safety; traffic; noise; amenity; privacy; pollution; historic buildings; conservation: wildlife; environmental effects; disabled access; local plan policies and proposals; and Government Guidance.

Issues which cannot be taken into account  include: the developers’  motives or morals; loss of views over other peoples’ land; property values; private rights; covenants; and boundary disputes.

Please don't:

  • Make statements of a personal or slanderous nature
  • Be abusive
  • Interrupt other speakers, or the committee during their debate

The chairman will stop you speaking if you deviate from planning issues. 

What happens at the committee?

The Chairman will announce the application and the Planning Officer will update the written report if necessary. Then the following groups of speakers will be invited to address the committee, in the following order:

  • Parish council 
  • Objector(s)
  • Applicants or the agent/supporter

The Chairman, local wards members and/or members of the Planning Committee may ask speakers questions to clarify any issues.

If the decision is deferred you may have a further chance to speak when the matter returns to the committee.

A maximum of 3 minutes is available for each group of speakers. The time is strictly enforced

Please note:

Additional presentation material such as photographs or plans cannot be handed out at the meeting.

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