The Council's pdf Schedule of Charges (23 KB)  sets out our charges for providing you with information under the Freedom of Information Act, Environmental Information Regulations and Data Protection Act.

Our charges reflect current statutory requirements and guidance.

Current charges

Below is a list of our current charges. Prices include VAT.

Search Fee (excluding CON29O enquiries)

Official Register (LLC1) - £24 (exempt from VAT)
CON29 - £140.35

Total Full Search (LLC1 & CON29) - £164.35.

Additional Land Parcel Fee (per each additional rateable property)

Official Register (LLC1) - £2.10 (exempt from VAT)
CON29 - £29.66

Total Full Search Additional Land Parcel (LLC1 & CON29) - £31.76

Solicitors own written enquiries (not on CON29O)

Total fee due - £29.66.

Con29O Optional Enquiries

Q4 - £20.06
Q5 to Q20 - £3.71 each
Q22 - £35.84
Wychavon District Council does not hold Q21 information. Please refer to the vendor.

Request for brine search

Total fee due - £30.90

Additional enquiries regarding highways matters

Wychavon are under written instructions from Worcestershire County Council not to accept additional enquiries regarding Highway matters.

You should contact Worcestershire County Council (opens in new window) for any additional written enquiries which relate to highway matters, such as limits. They will also be able to inform you of their fees.

Additional enquiries relating to Environmental issues need to be directed to our Environmental Services Department.