Planning Application Forms including "Checklists"

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We encourage the use of online planning applications through the Planning Portal, the Portal makes sure that you have provided the correct information and that your application is valid.  Please ensure you use the relevant "Checklist", which will list the information we need before submitting the application. 

This is an easy step by step procedure, however should you have problems with this you can contact the Planning Portal for help or contact the Planning Support Officers on 01386 565565./documents/10586/9538997/Applying+for+Planning+Permission+WDC2019.pdf/1011f04c-0a80-ee2a-1b29-2269db3e0a17

The application will then be checked to ensure we have received all the necessary plans and documentation to determine the application, once this has been done an acknowledgement of your application will be sent either by email or by post.

Notices for Ownership

Some planning applications may need Notices for ownership to accompany the form, these are set out separately below. Should you need help with any of these please contact Planning Services Customer Service on 01386 565565

Guidance notes on how to complete Notices & Certificate of Ownership

Notice 1 for use with Certificate B or C
Notice 2 for use with Certificate C or D
Notice for Householder Development to use with Certificate B or C

There is some confusion when to use the Householder or Full Planning application forms.  There are new guidance notes to explain which form is needed, these can be found by clicking on the following links:- Householder or Full Planning

Wychavon District Council - Local Requirements List 

Please use the notes and validation checklists for the each of the application form below, and these will help you complete the application before submitting to us.  Within the checklists you will find a list of local requirements you will also need to consider.

The Local Requirements List.  Local Requirements for Planning Applications (from March 2018)

However, from 27th March 2012, various PPS's/PPG's have been revoked and you will also need to refer to 'The National Planning Policy Framework', until the Local Requirements List has been amended accordingly.

Ordnance Survey site and location plans 
Planning no longer provide ordnance survey plans.  Customers should contact Ordnance Survey to find out where to buy the authorised plans or through the Planning Portal.


Community Infrastructure Levy

Development will potentially be liable for Community Infrastructure Levy charges if the proposed development includes at least one of the following

  • Creates new build floor space of at least 100 square metres;

  • Results in the creation of a new dwelling (even if the floor space is less than 100 square metres); and

  • Involves the conversion or change of use of a building that is no longer in lawful use 

CIL Forms
All forms relating to CIL can be found on the Planning Portal Website. The CIL additional information form is required for most planning applications. The CIL user guide provides information relating to this requirement

Further information on CIL can be found on the following webpage -

Planning application fees and charges
Guide to the Planning fees (from 17 January 2018 onwards)

1 APP Forms

Please read these very carefully to avoid your application being made invalid. Should you require further information or help, please contact the planning department on 01386 565565

1  Householder Application

2  Householder & Conservation Area

3  Householder & Listed Building

4  Application for Planning Permission (including Change of Use)

5  Outline - Some matters reserved.

6  Outline - All matters reserved.

7  Full Planning & Conservation Area.

8  Full Planning & Listed Building

9  Planning Advertisement.

10  Conservation Area 

11  Listed Building Consent

12  Advertisement Consent.

13  Lawful Development Certificate, Existing

14  Lawful Development Certificate, Proposed use - LDC

15  Agricultural Notification - Building

16  Agricultural Notification - Road

17  Agricultural Notification - Excavation/Waste

18  Agricultural Notification - Fish Tank

19  Telecommunications - Prior Notification

20  Hedgerow removal notice.

21  Demolition - Prior Notification

22  Reserved Matters Approval

23  Remove or Vary a Condition

24  Discharge/Approval of Planning Conditions

25 Tree Works

26  Application for a non-material amendments following a grant of planning permission (post-
      decision amendments).  (Please note, you cannot submit a non-material amendment for
      approved Listed Building consent, only on planning applications).

27  Application for the Modification or Discharge a Section 106 Planning Obligation (no fee required)

28  Prior Approval Notification - Larger Home Extension (single storey rear)

29  Prior Notification - Proposed Change of Use to State Funded School

30  Prior Notification - Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a flexible use within
Shops, Financial and Professional services, Restaurants and Cafes, Business, Storage or
     Distribution, Hotels, or Assembly or Leisure

31  Prior Notification - Proposed Change of Use of a building from Office Use (Class B1(a)) to a
      Dwellinghouse (Class C3)

32 Prior Notification - Proposed Change of use of Agricultural Building to a State-Funded School*
     or Registered Nursery

33 Prior Notification - Proposed Change of use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Class C3),
and for Associated Operational Development

34 Prior Notification - Proposed Change of use of a building from a Building from Shops (Use Class
     A1), Financial and Professional Services (Class A2), a Betting Office, Pay Day Loan Shop,
     Launderette or a Mixed Use Combined Use as a Dwellinghouse with a Betting Office, Pay Day
     Loan Shop, Launderette, Shops (Class A1) or Financial and Professional Services (Class A2) to
     a use falling within Class C3 (Dwellinghouses), and for Associated Operational Development    

35 Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a Listed Building

36 Application for Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development Land Compensation Act 1961,
     Section 17 as substituted by Section 63 of The Planning Compensation Act 1991

37 Notification for Prior Approval for a Change of Use from Storage or Distribution Buildings
     (Class B8) and any land within its curtilage to Dwellinghouse (Class C3)

  • Form - no longer available

38 Notification for Prior Approval for a Change of Use from Amusement Arcades/Centres and Casinos,
     (Sui Generis Uses) and any land within its curtilage to Dwellinghouses (Class C3)

39 Notification for Prior Approval for Change of Use from Shops (Class A1), Financial and
     Professional  Services (Class A2), Betting Offices, Pay Day Loan Shops (Sui Generis Uses) to
     Restaurants and Cafes (Class A3)

40 Notification for Prior Approval for Change of Use from Shops (Class A1) and Financial and
     Professional Services (Class A2), Betting Offices, Pay Day Loan Shops (Sui Generis Uses)
     to Assembly and Leisure Uses (Class D2)

41 Notification for Prior Approval for the Temporary Use of Buildings or Land for the Purpose
     of Commercial Film-Making and the Associated Temporary Structures, Works, Plant or ~
     Machinery required in connection with that Use

42 Notification for Prior Approval for the Installation, Alteration or Replacement of other Solar
     Photovoltaics (PV) equipment on the Roofs of Non-domestic Buildings, up to a Capacity of
    1 Megawatt 

43 Notification for Prior Approval for Development Consisting of the Erection or Construction of a
     Collection Facility within the Curtilage of a Shop

44 Application for Permission in Principle

45 Notification for Prior Approval for Change of Use from Shops (Class A1), Professional and Financial Services (Class A2), Takeaways (Class A5), Betting Offices, Pay Day Loan Shops or Launderettes to Offices (Class B1a)

High Hedges




Hazardous Substance Applications


Further Information

If you would like more information about a planning application contact:

Planning Services
Wychavon District Council
Civic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
WR10 1PT
Telephone: 01386 565565 - between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday