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Planning permission frequently asked questions

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Planning permission frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions regarding planning permission.

Do I need planning permission?

Planning permission and Building Regulations approval are two separate things. You may need one or both depending on your project.

Some developments can be carried out without planning permission. This is known as Permitted Development. Visit the Planning Portal website for advice and guidance on common household projects that can be done without planning permission.

Unfortunately, other than in respect of Listed Buildings, because of a significant increase in our workload we are currently unable to offer our Permitted Development Enquiry Service and therefore if you want to be certain that the existing use of a building is lawful for planning purposes or that your proposal does not require planning permission, you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate. This certificate confirms that a proposed or actual development or use is legally permitted. They are also available for Listed Buildings.

In some cases where planning permission is not needed you may still need building regulations approval. To check, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also download the building regulations information pack.

I have submitted my application but haven’t heard anything yet, how long will it take?

We are receiving a large number of applications at the moment. This means it is taking longer than it normally would to deal with them. If you haven’t heard from us after two weeks from when you sent your application, then please get in touch. 

My neighbour is doing some works, have they applied for planning permission?

Not all work needs planning permission. Some can be done using permitted development rights. If you feel a neighbour is having work done that does need permission, then use our online search to check for recent planning applications.

If you cannot find anything then you can contact our planning enforcement team.

What class use is my property?

We do not keep information on what a property can be used for (class use). We are only told if a change of use application is sent to us.

The Planning Portal website has more information on use classes. It will also tell you if you need to apply to change the use of a building or not. 

How can I find out if a property is in a Conservation Area, has any Tree Protection Orders or is listed?

You can use our My Local Area search to find information about a property.

Historic England has a register of Listed Buildings.

The My Local Area search tool is an excellent resource for finding out about property information.

Historic England also provide a register of Listed Buildings

Do I need permission to carry out works to a tree with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or in a Conservation Area?

Yes. You can apply online for permission to carry out work to a tree with a TPO or in a Conservation area.

Apply for permission to carry out work to a tree

Where can I obtain a layout of the drains on my property?

We do not have information about the position of drains for homes in the district.

This information will be on the deeds to your property, held by your solicitor.

If you need water and sewage plans then contact the Mapping Team at Severn Trent on 0345 6016616. You will have to pay for this service. 

I need a copy of an agreement, where can I find them?


Section 33; Section 38; Section 50; Section 278

Worcestershire County Council Highways Department - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01905 844053

Section 40; Section 104

Severn Trent Developer Services

Section 106

For Wychavon Customers, you can usually obtain a copy of Section 106 agreements via My Local Area: My Local Area - Wychavon District Council

If you cannot find what you’re looking for or need a S106 for Malvern Customers, please email your request toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Section 52

Section 52 agreements can often be found via My Local Area. My Local Area - Wychavon District Council. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I need to request verification of the conditions on a planning application

Because of a significant increase in our workload, at the moment we do not answer requests checking the status of planning conditions. This is so we can focus on checking and registering new planning applications.

You can look at the status of conditions by using our free planning application search.

We will provide this service again in the future, but there will be a charge.

How high am I allowed to erect a fence on my property?

Fences can be erected without planning permission up to 2metres (6ft 6in) in height or up to 1 metre (3ft 3in) when adjacent to a highway.

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